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About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Our Story

When a nine-year-old Rob Louiso began mowing his neighbors' lawns to earn some extra cash, he could not have imagined that his small summer job would one day blossom into a thriving family business with over 30 years of success. Today, Louiso Lawn Care is trusted by homeowners and businesses across Cincinnati to maintain and enhance their outdoor spaces.

From crafting floral planters that beautify local cities to manicuring the lawns of historic residences, Louiso Lawn Care applies the same diligent care and attention to detail that Rob first learned as a young entrepreneur.

With services expanded to fertilization, snow removal, hardscaping and more, Louiso Lawn Care has become a one-stop shop to help properties look their best, just as Rob envisioned over three decades ago when he pushed that very first mower.