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Get Involved and Donate with #NickelsForNonProfits

Here at Louiso’s we love our local non-profits and love creative ways to help them.  This is how #NickelsForNonProfits was born! We need your support to help make the change…pennies, nickels and dimes at a time.  It’s easy, when you make your purchases in-store, you will be asked if you would like to round up […]

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Feeding Your Horse Through Winter

I think we might finally be getting winter? At least for now anyway.  During the cold weather its critical to feed your horses appropriately, since a horse’s energy needs to be 40-50% higher during the winter than summer.  Its important to supplement a horse’s diet with hay and the right grain to ensure the proper […]

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Frost Concerns for Grazing Horses – from Nutrena

Fall can be a beautiful time of year for horseback riding. However, frost can negatively impact horse health during fall grazing. There are no reports of toxicity of horses grazing frost damaged pastures (includes grass and legume species). However, frost damaged pastures can have higher concentrations of nonstructural carbohydrates, leading to an increase in potential […]

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